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Trading cards and some packs for my wants.(I have a limited amount of packs and will also trade my cards for packs.)


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Hello Everyone, these are the cards I need:

  • 2 Shaymin EX Full Art or Regular(Set up)
  • 1 Sycamore FA
  • 4 Vs. Seeker(Secret Rare)
  • 3 Wally FA
  • 1 AZ FA
  • 1 Xerosic FA
  • 1 Weakness Policy(Secret Rare)

These are some of the cards/packs I have for trade:

  • 17 Breakthrough
  • 10 Steam Siege
  • Altaria (Secret Rare)
  • 2 Articuno EX Full Art(Team Plasma)
  • Blastoise(Secret Rare)
  • Cobalion EX(PS)
  • 3 Deoxys EX Full Art(Team Plasma)
  • Dusknoir(Secret Rare)
  • Empoleon(Secret Rare)
  • Genesect EX Full Art(Team Plasma)
  • Hawlucha EX
  • Heatran EX(Team Plasma)
  • Heracross EX
  • Jirachi EX FA/Jirachi EX(Stellar Guidance)
  • Keldeo EX(BC)
  • Kyogre EX Full Art(Smash Turn)
  • Landorus EX FA/2 Landorus EX
  • Latias EX FA/Latias EX
  • 2 Lucario EX FA
  • 2 Latias EX Full Art(Team Plasma)
  • Mew Prime
  • Mewtwo EX(X Ball)
  • 9 Call of Legend Fire Energy
  • 17 Call of Legend Grass Energy
  • 1 Call of Legend Steel Energy
  • Pokemon collector (Foil)

The cards that don't have numbers before them are the ones I only have 1 copy of. I have more cards in my binder if you would like to take a look. Post here or send me offers, Thank you! I am also willing to take packs for some of my cards.

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Sure, send offer please. The card is in my binder.

I deleted like 6 guys and my friends list is still full. Can you send me a friend request?

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