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My want list.


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Been trying off and on all night trying to get good trades to complete two decks I'm working on, but it seems no one wants to give me serious offers; offering things like pikachus and darumakas for resh. Figured I'd try here.






What I'm looking for:


1x Cobalion


<strike>2x Steelix w/o ability</strike>


<strike>1x Steel Metagross (Highly want)</strike>


<strike>3x Onix w/o ability </strike>


or packs








Willing to trade:




1x Cleffa


1x Sages Training


1x Junk Arm


1x Pokemon Communication


1x Houndoom (Not prime)


1x Lugia


1x Special Darkness Energy


1x Alternate Art Darkness Energy


1x Yanmega (Not prime)


2x Yanma (with ability)


1x Liligant


1x Skuntank


1x Zebstrika


1x Rotom


1x Dialga + Palkia legend piece


2x Legend box


1x Burned Tower


1x Twins


1x Blackbelt








As well as a few others. If I have something you're interested in, let me know. I'm about to head to work but will check this as soon as I get off. Thanks.




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i heave ************* and i want resh and zoroark i also have everything else on your list





You have what? It just comes up as "******************"




Anyway, back from work. I'll be on and off all day.






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I'll trade my 2 Skarmory, a Darumaka, and a Darmanitan for your Zoroark. Feel free to counter offer. :)





Unfortunately I already have plenty of darmanitan, which is why I'm trying to get darumaka.


@popandbop, same thing.


@malthusian, sounds good,. everyone else wants me to give them zoroark or resh for a couple of darumakas.




Still really looking for a metagross steel and an emboar. Everything else is icing on the cake.


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Did some trading and was able to get ability emboar and the darumakas.




Updated the first post with current status. Really looking for a steel metagross. I'm open to all offers, so don't be shy.



Ill give you x2 steelix and 3x onix for zoroark



If you're still interested, I'll do it.




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Steel Metagross for Yanma + Zoroark?





I would have said yes, but I had a cleffa up on public for a steel metagross that just went through, sorry. Have any of my other needs?


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