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Search your deck for a card: bug appeared after steam siege update!


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Me and my friends have ben playing this game for very long, now we are having this issue and I decided to post a topic here for all of us.

This bug appeared after steam siege update yesterday! It's very annoying and impossible to play!

When you search your deck for a card, (using the effect of any card, like Professor's letter, Skyla, Pokemon Fanclub, anything similar), the mouse wheel doesn't work properly! If you spin it very fast like crazy it only works sometimes for a short distance, then stops somewhere again. BEFORE the update (I've been playing for 3 or 4 months) it always worked perfect!

You have to click the green direction arrows (instead of using the mouse wheel) to look through your whole deck, which takes hours, to search for any card, Battle comprpessor, Computer search, Skyla etc really are very annoying to play this way!

We would appreciate if You fix this, it's just impossible to play!

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