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Rainbow Festival! Currently Closed.

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WELCOME TO THE RAINBOW   FESTIVAL!   This is an exciting place where Pokemon fans can have a great time and win awesome prizes!   Owner/Host: Rainbow-XN   Co-hosts: Batny   Assistants: The

RAINBOW TRIVIA COMPETITION This is the main event. Rainbow Trivia Competition #17 (Saturday Feb 25th 5pm EDT) @Pokemon Fan Chat Prize 1: 1 Thundurus EX (Roaring Skies 26/108) Prize 2: 1 M St

SOLGALEO LIVE SHOWDOWN Co-hosted by iyado166   This is a live battle event.         Solgaleo Live Showdown #4 (Wednesday Feb 22nd 3pm EDT) @Pokemon Fan Chat   Prize for the winner: 3 R

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