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Rainbow Festival! Currently Closed.

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WELCOME TO THE RAINBOW   FESTIVAL!   This is an exciting place where Pokemon fans can have a great time and win awesome prizes!   Owner/Host: Rainbow-XN   Co-hosts: Batny   Assistants: The

RAINBOW TRIVIA COMPETITION This is the main event. Rainbow Trivia Competition #17 (Saturday Feb 25th 5pm EDT) @Pokemon Fan Chat Prize 1: 1 Thundurus EX (Roaring Skies 26/108) Prize 2: 1 M St

SOLGALEO LIVE SHOWDOWN Co-hosted by iyado166   This is a live battle event.         Solgaleo Live Showdown #4 (Wednesday Feb 22nd 3pm EDT) @Pokemon Fan Chat   Prize for the winner: 3 R


Since Im feeling warm and fuzzy inside today, I will donate a BWP BW82 Deoxys-EX Promo to the RTC prize pool. It can replace a prize, be included in a future RTC, or be a bonus round, i dont care.

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This is the battle event.

  • To register post ACA with your message.

Unlimited Format Challenge


Sponsored by: seminc 


The Tournament begins 3 days after all positions are filled, and lasts until all matches have been completed. Players inactive for more than 7 days will be dropped, and their opponent will be given a win for their game.

Tournament Size

16 Player Tournament, positions will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


Unlimited — HGSS-SSG, Restricted Cardpool. 
You may use any card available in game, with these restrictions.

  • Common cards (white circle) are allowed in games.
  • Uncommon cards (white diamond) are allowed in games.
  • Rare Cards (white star) are allowed in games.
  • Premium Rare Holo cards (red star) are NOT allowed in games. 


  • Reverse Holo cards are allowed in games, as long as the card they represent is not rarer than Non Holo Rare.
  • Full Arts and Secret Rares are not allowed, even if they are reprints of a normal card.

You must set your deck sharing options to "Friend Battles Only" or "Always" to participate. 

Each player must show their deck to seminc in game. Your data will remain private, seminc is not competing.


Ban List

To ensure a fun and fair experience, the following cards are banned: 

  • Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear
  • Exeggcute (PLF 4)
  • Nuzleaf (FLF 6)
  • Nuzleaf (STS 10)

Prize Pool

Non-Donating Player's Prizes:

1st place: 2x XY-Steam Siege

2nd place: 1x XY-Steam Siege

3rd place: 1x XY-Fates Collide


Donating Player's Prizes:

1st place: 3x XY-Steam Siege

2nd place: 2x XY-Steam Siege

3rd place: 1x XY-Steam Siege


All donated prizes will be split between the top three at these ratio:

1st: 60%

2nd: 30%

3rd: 10%


Tournament Rules

  • By joining this Tournament, you agree to comply with all PTCGO Rules, act politely towards everyone involved and compete in accordance with the spirit of the game.
  • If you wish to donate, you must send your donation to seminc before the Tournament begins, or you will not be registered as a donor.

Tournament Structure

  • 1 Round of Best of 3 Swiss Pairings, Single Elimination
  • 3 Rounds of Standard Single Elimination Swiss Pairings

Any disconnection during a game will result in a loss of that game.




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[table]Donor AmountRainbow-XN3 Steam Siege Packs[/table]

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wont be able to make hh cuz im in disney land srry its late notice i forgot i entered and teh date it was on srry for inconvenience thx for understanding

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wont be able to make hh cuz im in disney land srry its late notice i forgot i entered and teh date it was on srry for inconvenience thx for understanding

It's ok, thanks for letting us know :)

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