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New Standard Format! M-Steelix Deck


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I was looking over Steam Siege to see if I could find a cool new deck idea to try out, and I think everyone's been overlooking M Steelix as a viable competitive card. Yes, I know what you're probably thinking: there's no way you're going to be able to get FIVE energy on it to do a mere 160 damage and 10 to the entire bench, but I have an idea that I think will work reliably. Please read through and suggest whatever edits you see appropriate. Just keep in mind that this is for the new format, Primal Clash-Steam Siege.


Pokemon (16)


2x Shaymin EX ROS

3-3 M Steelix EX SS

2-2 Clawitzer SS

2-2 Carbink BREAK *************)


Trainers (30)


Supporters (10)

4x Professor Sycamore

3x N

1x Hex Maniac

1x Lysandre

1x Skyla


Items (18)

4x Ultra Ball

4x VS Seeker

3x Steelix Spirit Link

2x Trainers' Mail

2x Evosoda

2x Mega Turbo

1x Switch

1x Special Restore/Super Rod


Stadium (2)

2x Reverse Valley


Energy (13)

4x Strong Energy

4x Double Colorless Energy

1x Shield Energy

4x Metal Energy


Deck Startegy:

Now, before you make any judgements, let me show you how M Steelix's massive 5-energy attack can work. First of all, we'll be in a much slower meta now that Night March is rotating, hence the abundance of M Rayquazas. Second, Clawitzer's ability, Mega Boost. What it does is allow you to attach an additional Special Energy card from your hand to your Mega Evolved Pokemon. This means you can build a 200 damage Canyon Axe in one turn, with DCE attach>Strong Energy Mega Boost>Strong energy Mega Boost> Mega Turbo Metal Energy. Now that's something. Sadly, we don't have Fighting Stadium anymore to knock out M Ray in one hit, but even then, there are options like Regirock EX to do that for you. Besides, thanks to Canyon Axe's effect, the opposing M Rays should have some damage on them already. With Carbink's Diamond Gift on top of that, you should have no problem with energy acceleration. You also have the option of the new Clawitzer BREAK as a tech card, letting you OHKO Rayquaza's without Strong Energy and KO other Safeguarders with ease.

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Cool deck idea, M Steelix is one of the decks from Steam Siege I'm looking forward to making. Let's just hope that I can pull some of these cards.

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