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Trading issue


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Hey all,

I wanted a Gengar EX and couldn't see any suitable trades, however I saw somebody offering 2x Gengar EX for one Mewtwo EX card. I found this Mewtwo EX card tradable for 5x Fates Collide packs (might have been ripped off, I don't really understand card values nor is this the issue) and then with this new Mewtwo EX card I went to accept the original offer for Gengar, only to not be allowed to, for whatever reason.


The trade is publically listed and I have the exact Mewtwo card, not a similar one.


This is really frustrating as I spent 5 packs on this Mewtwo card that I don't even want. 


Any help would be really appreciated! 



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The error message you got should have given you the answer. It's quite likely that someone else already accepted the trade before you could.

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