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Booster Packs still missing


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Last night me and my fiance opened our Emerging Powers Booster Box and we split the cards up, adding the other packs we bought with it we both had 22 booster pack codes, i redeemed mine last night with some issues with the shop going down randomly.


After i bought my 22 booster packs, i went to go and open them and they where not there, now i opened up a ticket this morning and got a reply 2 hours later asking for the codes and that was around 9am, so i posted all the codes i redeemed and waiting for a reply, its been 9 hours now and no replies and it seems that the support section is broken and i cannot check on my ticket, so all i want to know is (from a mod) will i be getting my booster credits back since they seemed to have gotten lost in the line somewhere.


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We can't further assist you, you might just need to have some patience while they work out your issue. You can always ask support for an update. Thanks!


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