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Internship/ Foot in the door experience?


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Hello, PTCGO Staff!


     I was wondering if there happen to be any internship programs or anything that I may be able to do to become part of the PTCGO staff/intern community in the near future. And if so, are there any requirements onto becoming part of an internship program, or a helper of the team? I am a college student, and I'm majoring in Computer Science, and I would love to gain outside experience, and just get my foot in the door in the meantime. I have played Pokémon since 1999, just about every game and the card game. So I would love to help out/ as well as gain experience with you guys any way I can.  If not now, hopefully in the future.


                                                                    Thank you Team Workers!;

                                                                                 Pokémon Trainer in Progress:  FersureMatt

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