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Barnes and Noble Jirachi Code issue


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I got a Jirachi Promo code from Barnes and Noble and when I tried to redeem it it said it had already been redeemed but I am 100% sure I did not redeem beforehand. I was wondering if a Pokemon employee can please reach out so I can find out exactly when the code was redeemed or if there is an error with the system. Thanks in advance. I made a ticket on support.pokemon.com and it has not been answered yet so I am trying here.

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Hi od2797, 


This is an issue that was affecting some players. The root cause should be resolved but if you were affected by it, send a ticket to the Support Team with a picture of the code and the receipt.


You can send the Support Team a ticket by going to support.pokemon.com and clicking "Ask a Question", They'll be able to assist you further from there. 



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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