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Tradable Booster Pack from Daily Challenge?


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So today I completed my daily challenge which was to defeat 16 pokemon with your steel pokemon. To my surprise, I got a tradable booster pack as a reward.


I'm pretty sure before today, all of the booster packs I received as daily challenge rewards were locked. Have daily challenge booster packs always been tradable, or is this a new change?

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It's not a new change.


From this thread:




Hi all,


If you get a tier 3 challenge (they have a gold star next to them) which offers booster packs as rewards, those booster packs are tradable so this is not a bug :)


Since it takes a lot of time and effort to get to the point where you can get tier 3 challenges the designers wanted this as a reward for completion.


Thank you for calling it out Littledarkfury!

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