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Beginner Player Looking for Information/Advice.


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So I am considering starting the actual Pokemon TCG Card game, I have been playing the online version for the past month and really enjoyed it.


So I wanted to try the actual card TCG with some friends, I have a few questions I hope can be answered to help guide me through this beginner period.


1.  Where to start in terms of what to actually buy?, which booster packs?, which decks?, which trainer boxes?. just a general advice on if you was starting TCG for the first time, what would you buy to start off.


2. I am very new and still learning the rules, could someone please explain the use of cards and the expansions, and which cards are valid or not valid, any certain boosters or decks to avoid?. Can all cards be used at all times etc?.


3. Any further information which may help a beginner is appreciated, anything is welcome.


Thank you.

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