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How did you get into Pokemon TCG/O


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yo i don't know how i got into pokemon with tcg/0 how about u did you have the same as me when u got to have a pmon account. ps. pmon means pokemon got it bye dude see ya :)


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got to have a pmon account. ps. pmon means pokemon got it


...Please, don't use that abbreviated form of Pokémon ever again. <.<;




The official abbreviation used in the games is "PKMN".


Sort of weirdly written like this: <sub>P</sub><sup>k</sup><sub>m</sub><sup>n</sup>




Or something. Just don't use "pmon" or I'll cry. You don't want to make a girl cry, right? >_>;




Edit: Put another way, "Pmon" already stands for "Process Resource Monitor", and said out loud... Yeah. Just don't use it.


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Hi folks,


Please be respectful and patient with new players coming to our community. We have players coming from around the world and English is not always their first language. We really do appreciate all the wonderful help and advice that the community is providing to help out.


Thank you and please keep it friendly.





Master of Chaos


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Long ago, in the days of the Wizards of the Coast era of Pokemon TCG, just before it was released, I had a subscription to Nintendo Power Magazine. And after the Pokemon video games came out, every month they had a section dedicated to just Pokemon. Well, the card game decided to rear it's head, and Nintendo included Charmeleon cards in each copy of that particular issue as a preview of the game as well as information on all the little details of the card such as attack cost and hit points! And so, as soon as i saw it, I would buy the original Base Set 2-Player Starter Deck, which included a First Edition, Foil Machamp card!




I was hooked since then. I actually completed two of the first three sets (Jungle and Fossil), and even attended the local Pokemon League events (and happened to have a Gym Leader cool enough to just give out whole stacks of promo cards!).


Base Set 2 kind of ruined the game for me and by the time Gym Heroes finally came out, I kind of lost interest in the game (also, Dragon Ball Z was very popular and THAT had a card game out...)


And finally, I read on a little website called Kotaku many, MANY years later about an online version of the card game! Nostalgia kicks in and I immediately rush to the web site.




And now you knowwww... the rest of the story! GOOD DAY! :D


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