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Hello Pokémon fans,


As the title suggests I am hosting a giveaway.


The rules to enter:



1. You must post to this thread.


2. You must include your favourite deck and Pokémon card.



The prizes are as follows:




5 Breakpoint packs
5 Phantom Forces Packs
5 Ancient Origins Packs
Brigette Full Art
Giovanni's Scheme Full Art
Steven Full Art
Xerosic Full Art



Sylveon EX Full Art
Sylveon EX Regular Art
Venusaur EX 
Flareon EX Full Art (Generations)
Flareon EX Regular Art (Generations)
Gardevior EX Full Art (Generations)
M Gardevior EX Full Art
Gengar EX Regular Art
Glalie EX
M Glalie EX 




Golem EX

M Charizard EX 
Gyrados EX Promo XY106
Kyogre EX Promo XY41
Latios EX Promo XY72



Most original: 1 Generation Pack 1 Breakpoint pack and 1 Flashfire pack



The winner will be posted to this thread on the 29th of July. To claim the prize YOU MUST offer me the trade in-game for a junk card and I'll accept on login.




:D If you like this giveaway please leave a + rep. :D

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Favorite Deck: Haymaker Gen 1 


Favorite Card: 1st Edition Dark Charizard Team Rocket Expansion. 



And the Winner is........ (Drum-roll)...... NOT ME! LOL  :cool:

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Favorite deck: Basic Blue Deck from XY Season

Favorite card: Greninja (XY- 41/146)


Love Water Pokemons. Lucky for everyone!!!

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Favorite Deck : Battle Ruler (Fates Collide)


Favorite Pokemon : Secret Rare Charizard 136/135 Plasma Storm  :wub:


and nice quote down there  :cool:  

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Favourite Deck: XY Basic Blue


Favourite Card: Ash-Greninja EX


I'm still new so i still play with Basic Decks,good luck everyone! :D

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Guest TPCBlaster

:D  Hello I Would like to Join This Giveaway 

Favourite Card : Keldeo - EX FA 

Favourite Deck : Weavile Eggs  :D  

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Favorite Card: Greninja Break

Favorite Deck: Only Greninja And It's Evolution Deck(Ability:Water Shuriken/Giant Water Shuriken)

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Favorite deck: Is a combo of BT Gengar and BP Aegislash I made my self. Super OP against nightmarch.

Favorite card: Is BT Gengar

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Just to show everyone how old I am :P

Fav Deck: Haymaker Breaker: Gen1 Rocket's MewTwo + Rocket's Zapdos + promo MewTwo + Schyter + Wigglytuff

(won a few tournaments with this deck, back when everyone else played Haymaker and 60 ATK in 2-3 turns was a game breaker)

Fav Pokemon cards (from Gen1) in order of preference:

1. Rocket's MewTwo (1st card with 3 attacks !!!)

2. 1st edition holofoil base Charizard (how I funded this hobby/addiction back then )



ETA: Lol I did not know particular combo of characters were automatically censored :D

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