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[FR] questions on Jcc Rules


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Hello everyone,


I would like to know if i'ts possible to upgrade an EX in Turbo and Turbo in Mega exemples :


Carapuce = carabaffe EX => Carabaffe EX TURBO => Tortank EX => Mega Tortank


And i m  new on Pokemon JCC, for begin the game how deck i should buy for begin ? Thank you :) 

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Hi!  Just so you know, most people here refer to turbo cards and 'BREAKs.'  EX cards cannot BREAK evolve or evolve from their previous forms.  


I have heard good things about the Dark Hammer theme deck.

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The EX become Mega EX (Rayquaza EX > Mega Rayquaza EX); and the Basic or Stage 1 or Stage 2 become BREAK (Carbink > Break / Phantump-Trevenant > Break / Chespin-Quilladin-Chesnaught > Break).


EX don't become BREAK and Basic/Stage1/Stage2 don't become nor EX nor Mega.


Sorry I don't know many names in French.


Personally, I don't play Theme since a bit before of the XY Basic decks release but there are two type of factors that made a Theme deck valuable.


The first it's to play it. Always compared to other theme decks, not with customs, in this category Dark Hammer used to be the best. I also liked a lot Iron Tide. Destruction Rush was also one of my fav and I used to play Mental Might and the B/W Basics a bit. As a fast view, the Lugia Fates Collide Theme deck theme seems to have some good cards.


The second factor is as a way to obtain cards, some pokémon and mainly trainers to build custom decks. If you want to make a Gardevoir EX deck or other Fairy, easier way to get the core stuff is getting Resilient life for Xerneas, Aromatisse, Fairy Garden and also Sycamore. As deck itself it's quite bad because of the tiny lines, pyramid evolutions, useless cards, high number of energies, low number of trainers/supporters... like most of the Theme decks... but to get important fairy cards and the idea and strategy of the deck itself is brilliant. Same with Bolt Twister for Night march decks, Wave slasher for a Greninja Break deck, The Yveltals for dark decks in Destruction Rush...


Anyway, right now, the XY Basic Blue and also Green decks, are the most dominant decks out there in Theme mode so actually you don't need to spend coins if you don't have it or you prefer to spend it in another things but, having all the Theme decks, helps you a lot to grow your collection and having a lot of pokémon to make almost any custom deck just spending in some EX/BREAK you need.

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Ma suggestion: Tout d'abord, compléter le tutoriel. Vous obtenir un autre paquet (c'est le mot correct pour "deck"?) a le fin, "XY Basic Yellow", et un coffre qui contient une carte EX garanti. Aussi, jouer dans le mode "Defi Pour Dresseurs" (peut etre ce n'est pas le nom correct en francais; en anglais c'est "Trainer Challenge"). Dans cette mode, vaincre 7 dresseurs differents avec chaque paquet gratuit, et vous debloquerez pleinement. Les paquets initiales contenir beaucoup des cartes utiles, mais vous devez debloquerez pleinement ces premiere.

Dans le magasin, Dark Hammer (je ne sais pas le nom en francais, il a Pandarbare sur la couverture) est un bonne paquet. Je pense que Resilient Life (avec Xerneas sur la couverture) est un bonne choix aussi, mais par les raisons differents.

(Ma francais n'est pas tres bon, mais j'aime les chances de pratiquer.)

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