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Help With Making a Water Deck For Online


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Hey everyone , i have been playing pokemon TCGO for a while now but have only recently started playing versus and tournaments where i have struggled quite a bit! My deck has 


Lugia (Fates Collide)

Articuno (Roaring Skies)

Kyogre (Primal Clash)

2x Magikarp (Ancient Origins)

2x Gyarados (Ancient Origins)

Regice (Ancient Origins)

Suicune (Plasma Blast)

3xTotodile (Phantom Forces)

2xCroconaw (Phantom Forces)

Feraligtr (Phantom Forces)

White Kyurem (Fates Collide)

Kyurem EX (Next Destinies)


19 Basic Water Energy

1 Special energy

4 Double Colorless Energy

Prism Energy


2 Energy Retrieval

Escape Rope


Max Revive

2x Ultra Ball

2x Cilan

2x Pokemon Centre Ladies

2xPokemon Fan Club

Team Flare Grunt

Rough Sea

Exp. Share

Hard Charm

Muscle Band


I do have multiple items and packs to trade if i need to make any changes


Thanks Scott

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Okay, first of all I would say  that you have a lot of random pokemon without much synergy, so you might consider reducing headcount and adding duplicates. Try and 2-1-2 feraligatr line.-------- You have a fair bit more energy than you need.  Try 4 DCE, one splash energy, and nine basic water. -------- I would suggest adding two more ultra ball, three sycamore, and three vs. seekers, along with a few more tools and stadiums.  You could remove cilan with almost no loss, revome one lady, and put in some prof.'s letters.  And rare candy would make it so you don't have to take an extra turn with feraligatr.

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Thank you very much!

I only have one feraligtr tho but have gotten rid of articuno and kyogre! Would it be okay to do a 2-1-1? Also dont have that many doubles so would 13 pokemon be enough?

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Yeah, that sounds fine.    Try to get another feraligatr, though.  One-copy stage two lines are a little inconsistant.  Hope this helps!

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Hi and welcome to the amazing world of custom decks. There's a lot of work to do and patience to have of course. I know you're a bit in a budget (because starting we don't have all the card we would like to have of course). It was a 3 months waiting for me to have my first top tier deck (it was Night march which was a cheap one) when didn't were ladders with a lot of prizes, tournaments rewarding packs and wheels filling the pockets with coins, so now it's even easier than it was before :lol:


First of all, some general tips for building decks:

If you need anything to make your deck works, add enough (if you need a Muscle band, a link, a stadium or a pokémon, don't add just one, if prized you're lost).

Your main attacker quantity/line must be consistent. Add 3 or 4 of them or a powerful line 3-3, 4-4, 4-3 sometimes... if Stage 2 /Break go for 3-3-3, 4-4-4, 4-4-3. And always consider the Rare candies, your goal is the higher stage so jumping over the middle ones use to be good and you can go for 3-1-3, 4-2-4 with one or two rare candies. Pyramid lines (3-2-1, 4-2-1, 4-3-2...) are bad because lack of consistency.

Use the right amount of support pokémon. That means not 1-1 lines (if prized...) but neither 3-3-3 (too much space) 2-2 or 2-1-2 use to be enough. Also, when you have more than one evolution line it's difficult to set up everything and also do it fast. Use to be hard and slow to play so maybe you may choose which line of supporting pokémon is better.

Remember the stadiums.They help yourself while counter the opponent's. Having 4 stadiums use to make you win the territory battle but, what if not space enough? I would recommend always 3 but if no space, play 2.


Pokémon drawing engines are perfect if item locked (that awesome Trevenant or Vileplume). They are two big choices: Shaymin EX (when you play it you can draw up to having 6 cards in hand). The other one is Remoraid-Octillery (draws up to having 5 cards in your hand). Perfect for non EX decks!!

You can get a lot of trainers and supporter pokémon in the Theme decks (Sycamore is in a lot of them), also stadiums and some interesting pokémon as Yveltal, Joltik, Aromatisse, Xerneas, Froakie-Frogadier... 500 coins in the shop it's a good business. Take a look at what they contain before to get it to go for what you need.


Basically, the staple for any deck could be:

3-4 Sycamore > Nothing is more powerful than a 7 cards new hand
3-4 N > 6 cards at the beginning, disrupting if you loosing or you know what your opponent will play because he/she have it in hand from the previous turn. Save you from decking out in late game.
4 Ultra Ball > Look for any pokémon
Level ball > Direct look for any up to 90HP pokémon, sometimes 1 or 2 for support pokémon
4 Vs Seeker > Choose a Supporter from your discard and put it in your hand. If you have Battle Compressor they are a great combo.
2 Lysandre > Aim to any benched pokémon and put in as active

There are a lot more like Skyla which is quite useful (sometimes one is played to look for items/stadiums), Korrina for Fighting decks (choose 1 pokémon+1 item), Dive balls for Water decks (look for any water pokémon), Trainers' mail (look at the 1st four card of your deck and choose a Trainer card)... and others like Max potion, Bursting balloon, Muscle band, Fighting Fury Belt, Float stone...


Any tier one deck use to have 8-16 pokémon, 28-36 trainers, 7-14 energies (and sometimes only 4!).


Of course there's a lot more to say and sure I forgot things but I hope this is kind of fast line guide to aim to a top tier deck.


Now, for your deck, I would get rid of White Kyurem more than from Articuno (there's two different in the RoS set but whatever it is, I see it better than the W. Kyu). The Kyogre out seems a good choice.


I would cut energies to 8-10 basic plus the rest you have, the 2 Cylan out and maybe one of the Center ladies, and with all that space, insert some staple trainers to help drawing. Prof Birch and Shauna are good if you don't have N, Sycamore/Juniper, Colress (for expanded).. For water get 4 Dive balls and a 2-2 Remoraid-Octillery line would be a great help and an investment for the future as can be played in a lot of decks, not only water.


Hope anything from here is useful and you enjoy still more your deck :)

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To piggyback Chasista a little. I use the 2-2 Remoraid-Octillery and it works very well for me. Some would argue that the Shaymin-EX is faster and more efficient, but its ability only allows for your hand to grow to 6 when the card is played to the bench where as the Octillery allows your hand to grow to 5 every single turn.

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Not an expert so take my advice with tons of salt :P


Use Dive Ball instead of Ultra Ball for decks where 90%+ Pokemons are water type, 

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