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mew's doom desire (using jirachi's attack) is not working properly


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when I use doom desire and the opponent simply passes the turn, due to the effect, the opponent's pokemon should be knocked out and after he/she promote a new defending pokemon, it should be my turn.


(doom desire: your opponent's defending pokemon is knocked out at the end of your opponent's next turn


Instead, after he ends his turn (his defending pokemon gets knocked out) and promote a new pokemon, he start a new turn which is clearly a bug.


I'm not sure if this only applies to mew(fates collide)'s doom desire (using jirachi's attack) or the attack "doom desire" is bugged.


can you please fix this bug?


thank you!

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Ooh joy, a MTG Level mechanic (that is actually a bug).


You should try testing Jirachi's Doom Desire with a friend, and then test Mew using Doom Desire. Save the Game Logs for both matches, and send them in a support ticket.

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Hi BeastM, 


Yeah, if you see this issue again, save the game log and send it to the Support Team. It would really help with their investigation. 


You can send the team a Support Ticket by going to support.pokemon.com and clicking "Ask a Question:



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