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What kind of promo did you get today?


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Hello everyone!


With the promo mystery box of tournament we can get few promo.

I would see what did you get, and if the jirachi promo is gettable.


I got:


Latias HG5510

Eevee BW94





(If it's already done anywhere else, say it to me i'll delete)




Promo you can expect while doing a tournament:


Latias HGSS10


Landorus BW79

Eevee BW94

Genesect BW101


Greninja XY24

Regirock XY49

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There is nothing on it's own thread so far.  I'm going to import a quote from Wayback Wednesday's thread: So far, all the promos I've heard of/gotten from the wheel have been:


Eevee (BW94)

Genesect (BW101)

Greninja (XY24)

Landorus (BW79)

Latias (HGSS10)

Regirock (XY49)

Has anyone gotten anything not on this list?



I personally have not, and have not heard any stories of people getting jirachi, which is surprising.

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Ok  there is the  dark greninja it's cool. 

So jirachi wasnt got, i'll continue tournaments hoping him.

I'll try to update a list of gettable promo.

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just a regirock xy49. easy 4 rs packs to a collector. the wheel always landed on the freaking 25 coins

Regirock actually is being consistently sold on public trades (by people accepting offers for it) at around 2 FC.
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