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Looking for SR Ultra Ball at 185 packs value, various packs listed for trade


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As title says, I'm willing to pay 185 packs value for as many SR Ultra Balls as I can while my pack supply lasts (so first come first serve). The packs that I have for trade and the value I'm willing to trade them at are listed below. First number is quantity, second number in parenthesis is my pack value. 


Not looking to negotiate anything, so only post or send me a request/pm/trade/whatever only if you're willing to trade at values I listed here. 


194x Roaring Skies (1)

61x Boundaries Crossed (1)

40x Dark Explorers (1)

19x Plasma Blast (1)

73x Plasma Freeze (2.5)

50x Triumphant (2.5)

66x Call of Legends (2)

29x Undaunted (2)

3x HGSS base (2)



Also highly doubt that anyone would want these, but I have another combined 100 assortment of AO, PHF, and PRC packs too at 0.75 value if someone does want them.

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