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Looking for Electrode Ability and Prime


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Add me in game or check my binder while I'm online. I'm looking for 2-3 Electrode Triumphant. I also have 19 RoS packs, 1 smeargle w/ portrait, full art colress, all the ace specs, and more for trade. PTCGO hasn't fixed the binder glitch, so a lot of cards in my binder are trade locked or non existent even though they show that they are available. So, if I counter a trade, its either because A) I don't have that card, or if its an unfair trade. I'll check this post around once a day. Thanks!


No longer looking for electrode ability.


Now looking for 3-4 Dual Ball. I will trade a pack's worth each.

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Here are some possible trades I'd be willing to do:
My Computer Search for 3x Electrode
My Full Art Colress for 3x Electrode
My Smeargle Portrait CoL + Blissey Prime for 3x Electrode (or 1 Blissey Prime for Electrode)
My Smeargle Portrait CoL + 4 RoS for 3x Electrode
4x RoS Per Electrode

1 Bidoof For 9999 Electrode (JK, bidoof is too expensive to trade )     :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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