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21 Extra Booster Packs?


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I remember reading on numerous posts around the internet that, when you first redeem a booster code, you recieve 21 extra booster packs with your very first redemption. I just recently used my first code along with a few others that I had purchased, and only recieved the packs I chose; there were no 21 extra packs.


Why is this? Was this only in closed beta for testing purposes? If so, then why did the players get to keep the free cards, which now provides for them an unfair advantage over their opponents?


Thanks in advance for the reply.


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Hello Darganoth,




Sorry for the delay! You are correct, this was only in Closed Beta for testing purposes. This was referred to as "loaned inventory", to give our system a little more to work with so that we could make it the best gaming experience possible for Open Beta!




However, these players did not get to keep these cards. All inventory was wiped at the beginning of Open Beta.




I hope this answers your questions!






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