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most LUXURIOUS pokemon?


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so.....steam seige is coming...& i was just thinking about all the cool cards that will be coming that I want to play.....


then i realized......Steelix might just be the most luxurious pokemon ever


first of all steelix itself is just a regular rock snake pokemon...but Shiny steelix is sooo cool cause it's golden.....his shiny form makes his entire body look like he is made of gold...then when you mega evolve a shiny steelix....he becomes even more blinged out...with a bunch of crystal spikes on his body & floating all around him



what in the world?  its like steelix suddenly became rich & decides to spend all that dough to cover himself with expensive gold & crystal


not to mention onix was once pretty blinged out in an episode of pokemon with the crystal onix


seriously shiny mega steelix is looks like he fashions himself with gold chainz


so i would like to ask...are there any other pokemon that really represents luxury? 

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