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  • To open User Accounts, click the Start button , click Control Panel, click User Accounts and Family Safety, and then click User Accounts.
  • Click Manage another account If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  • Click Create a new account.
  • Type the name you want to give the user account, click an Administrator account type, and then click Create Account.

    5. Clic Inicio and change user




  1. Log on to the computer by using an account that has administrator rights.
  2. Click Start, type msconfig.exe in the Start Search box, and then press Enter to start the System Configuration utility.
  3. On the General tab, click the Selective startup option, and then click to clear the Load startup items check box. (The Use Original Boot.ini check box is unavailable.)
  4. On the Services tab, click to select the Hide all Microsoft services check box, and then click Disable all.
  5. Click OK, and then click Restart.
  6. Enter in your new user (Windows) and just install the game and have fun.


Another solution:
Change OS, when this problem appeared i had Windows XP but when i update to Windows 7 this problem fix but i spend a day playing good and the next day BOOM the same problem.

Espero haber ayudado, perdonen por el ingles fui ayudado por el traductor de Google.
Esa es mi solución ya que a mi me funciono y espero que a ustedes también . Aclaro que todos estos pasos fueron realizados en una computadora con sistema operativo Windows7.

Good game.

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the problem returned one day after :/


What you could try is to repeat the steps again. i think it was solve doing that.


avoid this:

-no close forced game.

-if it locks when the game has loading, just wait to until restart

-when you leave the game, close it in the traditional way. (In game)


I can only recommend it. my now not I the same happened again following those steps. (fundamental close the game in the game).



Intenta volver a repetir los pasos de nuevo, yo creo que eso podría llegar a resolver el problema nuevamente.


Para la próxima vez evitar estas clase de cosas:

- No cerrar el juego forzosamente

- Cuando el juego se tilde o se ralentize dejarlo ahi hasta que responda y poder cerrarlo.

- Cerrar el juego de manera tradicional, ir a opciones y salir. (Evitar cerrarlo con administrador de tareas, o cerrar la ventana, etc).


Por el momento te puedo recomendar eso, yo desde que lo solucione no tuve ningún inconveniente. (Fundamental evitar el cierre forzoso y cerrar el juego de manera tradicional).

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hola amigo, ese problema es bastante molesto... probare tu método, gracias! 

No de nada Magus, espero que lo puedas solucionar con este método. Sino acuérdate que  cambiando de windows o sistema operativo también podrás solucionarlo. Y evita  que pasen las cosas que conteste al anterior.

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(Another solution)

Pokémon Support Question #15182-377346 Solution Suggested 

Hi trainer,

This could be caused due to a conflict with a file in the older version of the game. Here are a couple of steps you can try to resolve it:

Windows Uninstall

  • Go to the Programs and Features section your computer's Control Panel. Select the game and uninstall it.
  • Go to the directory where the game was installed. The default directory is C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData.
  • The game stores files in the LocalLow and Roaming folders. Go into the LocalLow folder and delete the "The Pokémon Company International" folder. Go into the Roaming folder and delete the "Pokémon Trading Card Game Online" folder.
  • Empty your Recycle Bin and then restart your computer.
  • Please ensure that you also delete all previously downloaded versions of the game. Try using a different web browser to download the file again (we recommend Firefox or Google Chrome).

Mac Uninstall

  • Delete your TCGO folder, along with any downloaded installation files.
  • Click on 'Go' located on your top window, press the 'alt/option' key and select 'Library'.
  • Go to 'Cache' folder. Delete any Pokémon related folders you find.
  • From the 'Library' again, go to 'Saved Application State' and delete "unity.The Pokémon Company International.Refresher.savedState" folder.
  • Empty your trash, and then try using a different web browser to download the file again and re-install.

After you have uninstalled and removed all of the extra possible folders and files described above, please re-install the game by making use of the most recent installer found at http://pokemon.com/playtcgo.

After you have finished installing the Trading Card Game Online client, please launch the game and play. Alternatively, the "LocalizationDB.db" file can be deleted and may resolve the issue. That file is found in the application/game directory:

C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\LocalLow\The Pokemon Company International\Pokemon Trading Card Game Online\

Library\Caches\unity.The Pokémon Company International.Pokemon Trading Card Game Online\

This PC\Device Name\Internal storage\Android\data\com.pokemon.pokemontcg\files\

iOS: (Need "iExplorer" program to browse the files on the device, which can only be performed for apps that were installed from HockeyApp.)
Device Name\Apps\Pokemon app\Documents\

Here are the detailed instructions on how to remove this file for PC:

1. Open up an explore window (click on the folder image at the bottom of your screen)
2. Double click on your hard drive (usually C: )
3. Double click on the Users folder
4. Double click on the folder labeled with your username
5. Double click on the AppData folder (note: this folder is often hidden, click here to learn how to display hidden files)
6. Double click on the LocalLow folder
7. Double click on the folder labeled The Pokemon Company International (note: it might be labeled The Pok__mon Company International)
8. Double click on the Pokemon  Trading Card Game Online folder
9. Find and delete the LocalizationDB.db file
10. Close explorer and try running your game again.

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