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what is a good and economic deck to start?


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hi guys I started playng pokemon tcg some weeks ago and now I have about 20 booster packs to trade . So I d like to know what is the best economic deck I can play trading this packs.

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Night march had never been very expensive, but then Shaymin came.

It has been 1st deck of a lot of people and it's still one of the best of the format. It won the last US Nationals and there's 5 of that in the different Top 8 categories. You could get the Joltiks+1 UB and Sycamore from the Bolt Twister theme deck (500 coins in the ingame shop).


On the other side, not wanting a tier 1 deck and not being worried about the September rotation, I would recommend a Fight deck. They are easy to play and quite powerful. Basically: Lucario EX + Landorus + Hawlucha + Fighting stadium + Strong energies + Korrina


You can find the Landorus + 2 Korrina + 2 Sycamore in the Dark Hammer theme deck. And the Machamp that could be used too.


Also Metal Lucario from Fates Coliide is cheap and it's a fun deck to play too. You could also try with AT Metagross deck.


Any dark deck use to be powerful (Yveltal EX or Malamar EX with non EX Yveltal, Zoroark...). You have 2 Yveltal in Destruction rush theme deck.


Also Greninja Break deck would be a good choice. The Breaks are around 5 packs but the main core you got it from Wave slasher Theme deck.


Of course any of the most used EX/Break use to cost around 3-5 packs but it's also an investment. The same with the Shaymins.

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