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Trading for these cards


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Heya, I'm online now and looking for these cards, please send me offers:

2x Chandelure EX
2x Victory Star ability Victini full art
x2 Victini (Vblast, Noble Victory)
3x Kangaskhan (Plasma Blast)
3x Mincinno (NextDestinies)
3x Cincinno (B&W)
2x Pidgey (Triumphant)

3x Super Scoop Up (Unleashed)
1x Seeker

4x Prism energy (Next Destinies)
3x Blend Energy (Dragons Exaulted)

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What do you have for trade? I have victini ( victory star),seeker, pidgey(CoL) FT. Btw if you redeem the rallying cry theme deck you can get the PB kangaskhan. You can redeem that deck by entering the set names of the BW era packs, such as plasma storm, boundaries crossed etc.

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