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Looking for Tropical Beach!


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Greetings all,

I've started caring a lot more about Pokemon Tcg recently. While the 'paper' tcg scene near me isn't all that booming, I decided to take playing online more seriously. Anyways, I've been intrigued more and more by the legacy format and have wanted to dive in head first. The last few cards I need to get started are tropical beaches.


I know they're rare and hard to come by, but I wanted to see if anyone had any up for trade. What I fear is that people don't want to trade them because they may just go sit in an online collection somewhere. The ones I obtain would go straight into decks to be played. Which is how I think very rare cards should be, then put back into the community once the person is finished using them.


Enough about that lol, here are some of the things I have for trade:


Legendary treasures packs

Xy base


Phantom forces

Roaring skies

Fates collide


Boundaries crossed

Primal clash

Ancient origins


Red star Champion festivals (vivillon)

B/w champion festival

Random sleeves/deck boxes from worlds 2013, 14, ect

SR: Rare candy

Full art Jirachi ex

Most everything from generations

Plenty of other random things, feel free to ask.


I'm also looking for full art Junipers if anyone is willing to trade those as well.

Let me know if you are willing to trade anything! (And I completely understand if no one is)

Thanks, Pure

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