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Themed Tournament Balance


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I don't know if someone agrees with me but those XY Basic Blue/Green/Red should not be allowed in Tournament Theme format. When those decks have all cards unlocked, they have cards you won't find in any of the regular theme decks. Cards like Lysandre, Flare team Grunt, Ace Trainer for example.

And the three evolved starters Greninja/Delphox/Chesnaught are not the kind of pokemon you find in a theme deck. Compare the Greninja find in XY-Basic Blue with the Greninja found in Froakie deck or Wave Slasher. They pale in comparison. The same with Delphox. That Ability is powerful.

Oh and let's not forget the Double Colorless Energy.  <_<

Now, there are some powerful annoying decks out there like Mental Might (I'm looking at you Miltank!), but when you combine almost broken cards (Greninja with water Shuriken ability, for example) with all those other disruptive Supporter trainer cards, regular theme decks have no chance against them. 


I've played tournaments recently and every time I face one of the XY Basic decks, it is a certain loss.

If I wanted to compete against those decks, I would have to bring one of them myself, and what's the fun there?


So what do you think?

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How would taking these three out create balance?  Basic Orange, Night Striker, and Mind Wipe/Psy Crusher would literally take over as the most dominant decks, thereby putting us back right where we started. 


Plus taking out XY Red makes no sense. The BW version is stronger than that one, and actually has 3 powerhouse attackers as opposed to one. 


The real problem, is many players have no access to the XY Basic Decks' major counter decks. Psy Crusher and Mind Wipe dominate Blue and Green.

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