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Buggy Selection Window


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I'm sorry, but I'm very frustrated right now. This has been a known issue for awhile, and yet it STILL isn't fixed?


I was just in a game where I only needed 1 KO to win. I have my Sceptile EX out, has one energy, I just need one more for unseen claw. Ariados is sitting on my bench. I have 5 energy in the discard pile, a VS Seeker, and a Fisherman in my discard pile. My opponent has aYvetal at 120 hp. Plus I have a muscle band on my Sceptile EX.


Use VS Seeker, grab Fisherman, play Fisherman. I get a selection window. Drop 3 energies into their slots. It doesn't move to the 4th slot. I try everything I can to get the 4th slot to show up. Time expires. Turn ends. I don't even get the 3 energy I selected.


My opponent switches out their Yvetal for a Yvetal EX and blasts away my Sceptile EX.


Can you understand why I'm ******? I know it's just a game, but that should have been my win, were it not for the bug.

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