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Various issues (including my computer crashing three times while playing)


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Hello there!




First of all, hello to the community here. I was introduced to the Pokemon Online Trading Card Game a few days ago, and I was blown away at how good it was. However, I'm sad to say that I'm having some pretty significant issues. Mainly, my computer inevitably crashes after playing for a while! I have played the game three times now, and on all three occasions, my computer has crashed completely within an hour, necessitating pulling the power lead out and plugging it back in.




The first time, I thought it was a coincidence, but after it happened a second time, and I also read in forums elsewhere that other people were saying that their computers seemed to slow down and struggle somewhat while playing, I decided to wait a day before trying again to be sure. Needless to say, it happened again the next day.


I was wondering what the problem could be. Unfortunately, I'm not the most computer-literate person, but if it helps, here are the specs:








AMD Phenom™ II X6 1035T Processor


- 2.6 GHz (up to 3.1 GHz with Turbo Core technology)


- 2.0 GHz HT (4000 MT/s)


- 6MB L3 cache




Operating System


Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit






- 4GB installed DDR3 RAM (1333 MHz)


- 8GB maximum RAM capacity



Graphics card


- ATI Radeon™ HD 5450 Graphics


- 512MB dedicated video memory




Screen type






Hard drive


1TB SATA 5400rpm



Optical disk drive


DVD Rewriter




Memory card reader








8 x USB 2.0 ports












1 x RJ-45 Ethernet port






802.11b/g/n WLAN












As for my browser, I'm using Firefox 4.0. And on the subject of browsers, I've noticed that the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online site in general doesn't run well in Firefox 4.0. For a long while, I was trying to find out how to post on these forums, as I was told that I needed to upgrade my account to level 2 first, but only after opening the site in Internet Explorer was I able to do so. It seems certain things don't function properly, and the site is quite slow.




Anyway, sorry to be a pain, but I was wondering if the developers/webmasters had any solutions they might suggest, or even if you could identify the problem, so that it might be fixed in the future? It's a terrible shame that I can't play this game regularly, as from the two or so cumulative hours I've so far spent with it, I was absolutely blown away by how good a job you've done. I adored the Pokemon Trading Card Game released on the Game Boy Color, and have longed for a sequel for years, yet this is better than anything I would have hoped for (the presentation and user-interface are brilliant, and the prospect of playing online and being able to use cards bought in real-life is incredible). I'm honestly staggered that this is a free web-based game, as I'd happily have paid for this had it been on a Nintendo system.




I'd love to be able to make Pokemon Trading Card Game Online my go-to game for when I'm at a computer. Help!


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