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Wifi Battle 4th gen and 5th gen


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The title says a lot, im looking for great battler. I just started wi-fi battle gainst people and just want to fight against stronger oppenent so if you think your good. Just PM me or write me down your + FC. Dont forget to tell me your gen.


Could looks like that :










Good luck


Now ill give you mine


Name ( both) ; Gold


Gen: 5


FC : 0690-7801-0227


Tier : Mixed ( can play alll ) expect Uber


Gen: 4


FC : 4985-7473-7295


Tier: Mostly UU or OU but can be mixed also no uber plz.


Good luck everyone , I hoping for great match. If I get a camera and awesome match.Ill maybe start a youtube channel. Not sure for now.


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