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Why can't we have real Tournaments?


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I mean, a tournament system that allows us to actually compete for competitive reputation like in the RL counterpart? We could host our own form of Regionals/Nationals/Worlds etc...etc... I mean, it won't be the exact thing, or even named these, but something that actually has a leader-board online and the excitement of real competition that isn't just for grinding packs. Granted, I would still expect a reward system that has packs, but we would also have cool features like finalist that are posted on the site and current tournament standings for that season! 


Just suggesting this, as I feel having only grindy pack tourneys that don't really mean much (other than just collecting cards) is kinda boring in the long run. We all seem to just play to collect, then use said collection to fight to collect more, and then nothing else after that.... Seems kinda redundant if you ask me! So, lets talk about how we can make a more competitive online tournament function! Comment below on your ideas.

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Posts like this have been suggested before, and I completely agree.


Also like the Tournament Ladder idea my friend DesDaddy came up with.


Will continue to support these even though the mods will only forward this to the devs for "consideration" <- quotes. 


One can hope, right? XD

+1'd your post :)

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