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Verify Email Problems


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Hi everyone, I created my first account two days ago, but i figured out that the email I used for the account has been permanently blocked for inactivity by yahoo.


As you can imagine, i can't log in anymore in game cause i can't check the verify email.

I'd like to know if the support team could help me someway.


I could create another account  but i found in a booster pack a "Shaymi Ex ", wich I figured out is as rare as usefull card and the idea that I can't have it drives me crazy x_x


Thank you all for your patience!.


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Hey there GolenarSp,


While we would love to help you, this is something you will need to contact our support team about to see if you can get it fixed.  You can submit a support request by clicking the link in my signature!  Just bear in mind they do answer emails as they are received, so depending on the volume of requests it may take a bit for them to get to you!

I hope this helps!

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Thank you for your reply!


Yesterday I sent a support mail as you suggested and they answered soon enough in the evening (I live in Italy). I then replied adding more information but I still haven't got any answer. Is it normal to wait (almost 24h now) also after a first reply or should I send another mail?




They acctually answered my reply, but by the way the mail is written they seems to use some bot cause they didn't understand at all my problem, is it actually so?

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