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Ban [Thread Closed]


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I was banned from the forum for three hours: cool enough [sarcsm]




Then last night, I checked back on again: I had thirteen hours left up suspension.




So then unfairly banned me again for what? Unfarily. I just wished they told me what I had specifically done in both cases. Once again, I do disprove of the executives here- that includes the moderators.




I thought this was supposed to be a friendly and fair web-community. Guess not.




Anyways, I'm back.




Sadly dissappointed,




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Wow the more I see here (like the censors) the more I dislike the amount of restriction they put on us. I was here last night and there was really nothing you did that could have been considered wrong.


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That's odd. I can't think of anything that you'd get banned for... confused_smile.png





I agree personally. I no it's biased but I feel unfairly wronged.




I called out Ludwig rather rudely two days ago, but I was joking around. It was part of our developing rivalry as I saw it. I feel like they're just messing with me now.


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Report this to support.pokemon.com and they should be able to clear things up for you.





I'm pretty sure I already tried that. This is how they replied:




A solution for your issue has been suggested.










you for contacting the Pokémon Support Team!




We see


that you were recently banned from the TCGO Forums and we are very sorry to


hear this.




We here


at Pokémon strive to have an environment where both children and adults can


play and have fun. We take pride with providing a clean and safe environment


for everyone to play in. In some cases the tone and language that you are using


on the forums can be inappropriate thus resulting in being banned from the


forums. We appreciate any feedback that is listed on the forums by our players


and we are sorry to see that this incident has caused a negative view of our Pokémon


Support Team. We work hard every day to make sure that all Pokémon websites


are working to the best of their ability that are players are highly satisfied.


Once again we do apologize for any issues this has caused.




If you


would like, we will be more than happy to forward your ticket to the


appropriate team to investigate and hopefully get you back on the forums. If you would like to have your ticket


forwarded, please respond to this ticket.






you again Jake for being a part of the Pokémon experience!




Pokémon Support Team


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Maybe they're talking about that "jokingly mean" tone you used with Ludwig... confused_smile.png




Maybe you could've pointed out sarcasm next time?




Plus, maybe they thought that you were using the word "Jew" offensively...


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Maybe they're talking about that "jokingly mean" tone you used with Ludwig... confused_smile.png




Maybe you could've pointed out sarcasm next time?





It's possible and I agree. That's what I figured originally, and thus, I will do.




As for them, they should be mroe specific in their dissatisfaction personally.




Whatever really. I'm back on. My only real concern was the second period of suspension. I don't know why they banned me for a whole day.


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Hello SlowPokePal,




Your previous bans were justified and details should have been sent to you via email. Please note that:




A. Avoiding the chat filter to post offensive language




B. Harassing other players




C. Posting threads to call out players of certain religious followings (this is only asking for heated arguments and debates, we have a diverse community of people from all over the world but their religion is a private matter and should not be discussed on forums)




D. Posting multiple threads/double posting about the same topic



E. Creating threads that do not relate to the gameplay or community aspect of the game (such as disputing account actions)




Are ALL offenses to the Pokemon forums and we do not tolerate such actions.




Thank you for your time. Thread closed.




Prof. Snow


Parasol Lady



"I'm like a hunter of peace. One who chases the elusive mayfly of love... or something like that." - Vash the Stampede


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