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Best Theme Decks per type.


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For people who use the Theme Deck mode, this list guide contains the best decks of each typing to use if you want to 1) have a higher winning chance and 2) Know what deck is best for type challenges.

Water -->

1) XY Basic Blue - Best Theme Deck in terms of consistency and strength, good for Challenges and Ladder wins

2) BW Basic Blue - Solid hand and energy disruption, has a bench attacker, and a few solid stage 2 attackers. Milotic is solid for setting up evolutions and healing.

3) Ocean's Core - Kyogre is a strong attacker, but really the other two decks are better for laddering and challenges.

Honorable mention -

1) Frost Ray - Solid for evolution challenges due to Cryogonal's first attack that lets you grab any water Pokemon. It does however rely heavily on Vanilluxe to reach the attacking strength of the other water decks. It does however have better protection against Status-using decks


Grass -->

1) XY Basic Green - Second best Theme deck due to its high attack output, draw consistency, and two powerful stage 2 Pokemon. Solid against both XY and BW Basic Blue decks, but unlike the #2 slot, it cannot fair as well against Fire decks.

2) BW Basic Green - It has less weakness to Fire decks than the XY version, due to Yanmega and two useful Colorless Pokemon. It has about the same draw consistency as the XY version, but has a much lower attack output.

Most other grass decks have a more dominant type, so they will be listed elsewhere.


Fire -->

1) BW Basic Red - This may shock a few people, but yes this deck is higher on the list than the XY version. It has three stage 2 Pokemon with up to 130 damage output. It runs Ultra Ball instead of the luck-reliant Poke Ball, and has a much lower chance of having everything prized.

2) XY Basic Red - It has an extremely powerful stage two Pokemon in Delphox, but unlike the BW version, getting it out of your deck is not easy and a lot of times it is prized. It does have Furret for support, and three Pokemon that can do up to 80 damage. This is important, as its the main reason it is able to dominate XY Basic Green.

3) Red Frenzy - It's not as solid as the previous two decks, but it does have very powerful stage two Pokemon that are easier to get into play than XY Basic Red.


Lightning -->

1) Voltage Vortex - 2 Outrage Zekrom, need I say more? It unfortunately has the worst matchup against Fighting decks, but it is the strongest of the Lightning decks for challenges. Luxray is a solid secondary attacker, and it does have Scrafty which can give Psychic decks fits.

2) Electric Eye - This deck is above XY Basic Yellow due to having a much higher maximum HP and attack output. It can also stall due to sleep status

3) XY Basic Yellow - Solid healing items and Persian helps with getting everything you need. Unfortunately it's very outclassed by the other two decks.


Fighting -->

1) Basic Orange - Basic Orange is ranked 3rd overall in the top 5 of all Theme Decks. It has the highest maximum HP and Damage output of all decks, and has N for hand disruption. It is able to match up pretty much against any deck except Psy Crusher and Mind Wipe, due to its solid type coverage.

2) Dark Hammer - It has 2 Pangoro, which although it is strong also makes the deck vulnerable to other fighting decks. It does have a solid main attacker in Machamp. It has good trainer cards, but the biggest problem it has is the lack of switching cards. It's vulnerable to decking out. It also has a solid Bench attacking Pokemon Hitmonlee, which actually lets it have a good matchup against XY Basic Green most of the time.

3) Battle Ruler - It has two strong Fighting Pokemon, both are the Zygarde. Zygarde is a good starting Pokemon. It doesn't have the solid support that the other two decks have, and pretty much relies on Zygarde and Serperior to win.


Metal -->

1) Iron Tide - Yeah, there's not much going for this type as there is really only one good Metal deck. Iron Tide has a very powerful Pokemon in Metagross, but it can be troublesome getting into play at times. Solid deck for challenges, and even has 2 powerful water Pokemon to help with type coverage.


Fairy -->

1) Resiliant Life - The best Fairy deck, but really should only be used for Fairy KO challenges. Xerneas is a great attacker, the deck has solid energy speed, and status protection, but the deck has a lot of really bad secondary attackers. This is not a good deck for laddering.

2) Enchanted Echo - This is really more of a grass deck, but it gets a mention due to the fact that this is the go-to deck for Fairy Evolution challenges.


Darkness -->

1) Raiders - For Darkness, this deck is the go-to one for all challenges. Thanks to Sableye, it can easily grab all of the Pokemon you need with Pokemon Communication. It has an extremely powerful closer Pokemon in Krookodile, but it does rely a bit too much on Umbreon to get KOs.

2) Destruction Rush - This deck is better suited for laddering than challenges, it also tends to have a harder time getting the cards it needs to put Yveltal, Malamar, and Krookodile in play. It does better head-to-head between the two decks, so these two are pretty even in rank.


Colorless -->

1) Sky Guardian - This deck has solid HP stats all around for its Colorless types, and their attacking outputs average very high which both can give many decks fits. It does however struggle against decks with several high attacking Pokemon. It's good for laddering.

2) Rallying Cry - Typically the deck is good for facing decks with high retreat costs and no switching cards or status protection. Typically isn't suited for laddering though.


Dragon -->

1) DragonSnarl - There are really only two decks that have Dragon as the primary type. This is the only one of the two on this list. It is solid for all Dragon Challenges, due to the high number of Dragon Pokemon in the deck and its solid trainer cards.


Psychic -->

1) Mind Wipe - This deck had potential to be the best of all Theme Decks. Unfortunately the trainer cards are not solid enough to make getting evolutions easy. The best Psychic challenges deck, and one of the only decks that can take on the "big three". This deck runs a huge amount of Pokemon support, and has two Tropius to cause the big three decks fits. The Psychic Pokemon in this deck are solid for taking down Fighting decks and other Psychic decks. It's the top Psychic deck due to it being able to take on far more matchups than any other Psychic deck.

2) Psy Crusher - Also known as Mental Might's worst nightmare. If anyone wondered how to make Mental Might look like nothing, this is the deck to do it. Espeon prevents the opponent from ever putting the Gallade line in play, due to its attack being able to snipe for weakness on the bench. Literally the only thing Mental Might can do against it is rely on the other Pokemon.


Honorable Mentions - Yeah, no other Psychic deck can be anywhere near the top two.

1) Mental Might - Good against Fighting decks, but relies on Gallade to really do solid Psychic damage. Typically not the deck you want to use for challenges. Gallade is a really strong attacker, and gets into play easily. Against pretty much every other Psychic deck, this deck tends to lose more often.

2) Toxic Tricks - Solid deck for evolution and KO challenges, but struggles mightily against other Psychic decks. Only reason it's a mention is due to it being good for challenges.


Mixed/No dominant type decks -->

I figured to be able to put Night Striker somewhere, I had to have a whole different category.

1) Night Striker - It's a very solid deck, but its best Pokemon aren't even its most used type so it can't really fall under Psychic. two Noivern, Ursaring, and Zoroark are very strong attackers. It's ranked #4 in the top 5 Theme Decks due to strong attackers, and one of the best type coverage decks

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