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support page doesn't show


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you can't access the support center after you log in.


Page Not Found

Oops! It looks like the page you were trying to reach doesn't exist! Can we suggest using the search form or menu above to find what you're looking for?


i am taken to some page about OP Dashboard


Professor Program

                    Pokémon Professors are the people who work at tournaments and Leagues, acting as judges and organizers, and adhering to the Spirit of the Game and the Professor Core Values. They are among the most dedicated Pokémon fans, and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of Pokémon games and of organized play. Professors have a desire to share their knowledge with others and to help the game grow.

this is what is showing up.


i ssee the support center before i sign up but after that it doesn't work.


any ideas whats going on with this?

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yeah and when i mentioned it to support by emailing them, i was told:


to refresh cache or try a newer version of firefox. but thats the issue, my firefox is  new and everything is wiped out by certain things everytime i close it out. and cache is one of the items cleared out everytime i shut down firefox

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