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Trading for Boosters!


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Below is a list of cards I don't need. If you want any of them, I am willing to trade them in any combination for boosters of HG/SS or EP. Send me a request if interested. Thanks!




Darkness Special Energy x1


Double Colorless Energy x1


Dual Ball x2


Dragonair x1


Magby x1


Metal Special Energy x1


Mime Jr. x2


Rescue Energy x1




Ditto (holo) x1


Electivire x1


Leafeon x1


Vespiqueen x1


Altaria (holo) x1


Krookodile (BW) x1


Raikou (CL) x1


Rayquaza (CL) x1


Umbreon Prime x1


Kyogre & Groudon Legend (Groudon bottom half) x1


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How many boosters for 2x Rescue Energy?





I actually only have one now, I just traded one, so I'd do 1 booster for my last Rescue.


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How much do you want for that half of that Kyogre & Groundon legend? I might be getting some codes soon, so I will see what I get.





I'd do 2 packs for the card.


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