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Trading 2 secret rare Max Potion. LF packs and a few rare cards.


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Hi guys Maku here again with another SR Max potion. About a week ago I had 2 this same price, and the 2 buyers responded within an hour so here I go with the same post again.

Looking for about 50 in value or packs.
Packs I want at .9 value: Dragons exalted, Plasma Blast
Packs I want most at 1 value: Roaring, noble, dark exp, boundaries
Packs I want most at 2 value: Plasma freeze, Triumphant, HGSS

Trade in options:
FA Mewtwo ex X-ball (22)
FA Professor Juniper ex (17)
FA Shaymin ex (Twenty 2)
Reg art Shaymin (15)

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