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Possible Solution To Client Crash

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Not sure if this was already posted and if it is in the wrong section, I apologize. :)


Recently, I stumbled upon a bug, which looks like many people are having problems with where during the first tutorial, my client crashed when trying to draw an energy card. Then, again today during the trainer challenge I was trying to fight Rika in the City Championship and pressed "Play Now!" and the client crashed; this happened multiple times. 


To solve this issue, I went to settings and changed my resolution from the lowest(1280x720) to Max. Then, I tried the tutorial and it worked flawlessly and once again I tried to fight Rika, and it went through perfectly as well. 



BTW, it might help if the "Add Tag" didn't appear as white, as a new player it took me awhile to notice it. :c


EDIT: So, my client just crashed after fighting Mick in the City Championship and this solution is only a bandage, unfortunately.

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