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some cards i need


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i need :


2x grimer


2x muck


4x sandile


4x krokorok


1x krookodile


3x ursaring prime


4x beldum


4x mentang


1x metagross






i have :


1x heracross


1x snive


1x serperior


1x parascet


1x lilligant


2 x cyndaquil


1x quilava


2x typlosion


1x blizle


1x electabuzz


1x blissey


2x zorua


1x banettte


1x noctowl


1x raticate


1x wigglytuff


1x watchog and the first one


2x houndour


1x proffesor elms training method


1x professor juniper


and some other cards.








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