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Server Update | May 31, 2016

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On Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 the Game Server was updated with the following fixes:


  • Resolved an issue which generated extra characters in the database information for some custom decks, causing the game client to eventually crash whenever the deck saved, cloned, or played. These extra characters will now be removed when the deck is edited and saved in the Deck Manager.
  • Bronzong BREAK (FCO #62): Damage modifying effects are now properly applied when the Metal Rain attack is used. 
  • Florges BREAK (BKP #104): Multiple instances of the Calming Aroma Ability can now properly affect this card.
  • Giovanni's Scheme (BKP #138): Playing this card while there are no cards remaining in your deck no longer causes the game to crash.
  • Legend Box (UD #75): Energy revealed when this card is played now attaches to the proper target.
  • Silent Lab (PRC #140): Basic Pokémon now consistently disables Abilities on Basic Pokémon in the hand.
Gameplay: General
  • Abilities now consistently reactivate when a suppression effect ends.
Cards: Collection
  • HS series theme decks which are not currently obtainable have been hidden in the game client, as have any cards exclusive to those decks.
  • The missing Mega Aerodactyl coin has been added to codes redeemed for the Mega Aerodactly collection.
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