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How many pre made decks do you have?


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I have lots so I will list them.


Growth Clash


Chaos Control


Steel Sentinel






Verdant Frost


Royal Guard





Red Frenzy


Warrior's Strike


Machina Mayhem



Dragunity Legion










Way Wild












Pressure Cooker


One Two Punch


Trounce O Matic


Grave Danger






Waking Nightmares


Air Razers






Spectral Slam


Bait and Switch


Celestial Assault




Ivory Doom


Elvish Rage


Zombies Unleashed


Morph Mayhem


Sliver Shivers


Goblin Mob


Max Attax




Storm Surge




Heavy Hitters


Life Boost


Sky Slam


Speed Scorch


Bait and Bludgeon


Little Bashers


Wicked Big


Sacrificial Bam


Master Blaster


Mind Swarm


Swarm and Slam




**** and Bolts


Special Forces






Kami Reborn


Snake's Path




Way of the Warrior


Dark Devotion




Rat's Nest




Critical Mass


Soratami's Wisdom


Spirit Flames


Truth Seekers


Army of Justice


Lofty Heights


Dead Again


World Aflame


Custom Creatures


Golgari Deathcreep


Dimir Intrigues


Charge of the Boros


Selesnya United


Code of the Orzhov


Gruul Wilding


Izzet Gizmometry


Azorius Ascendant


Rakdos Bloodsport


Simic Mutology


Aurochs Stampede


Beyond the Grave


Kjeldoran Cunning




Fun with Fungus


Hope's Crusaders


Reality Fracture


Sliver Evolution


Endless March


Ixidor's Legacy


Rituals of Rebirth


Unraveling Mind


Fate Blaster


Future Shock


Rebels Unite


Suspended Sentence


Mysterious Realms


Rapid Fire


Leveler's Scorn



Eldrazi Arisen


Blades of Victory


Power of Prophecy



Breath of Fire






Relic Breaker






Doom Inevitable




Bolded decks are the ones I actively use, and the ones that aren't bolded are either given to my brother or retired, and left in a box never to be used again.




Judging from my list, I have over 100.


I also added irrelevant decks to the list so that those braggers who brag they have theme decks from Base Set, much less those from the EX series will see that I spent my cash on a certain other card game.


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i only have one lol, blue assult, i used to hav loads of random cards but i sold them for a nice little sum :) and i hav recently bought the blue assult deck and i am planning to buy loads of other deck and start again :)


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Yeah, when my cousin saw my magic theme deck collection, he's like holy <place swear word here>, how much cash did you waste? Now I don't buy every single theme deck available, and now buy only 2 of the 5 magic theme decks for each set, 1 of 2 pokemon theme decks for each set, and all yugioh structure decks ever to be released. Recently Magic intro packs have a color pattern, so that each of the 5 intro packs are based off a color, unlike before, where the colors in the deck are whatever, but now, I only buy the Blue and Red themed decks, for Yugioh, it doesn't matter, since there is only one choice, and for pokemon, I only buy the deck that is sitting on the right side of the display case, that is, if the set has only 2 decks to choose from. In the case of three, and they are starters, I pick the starter that I use or will use in the games, and if they happen to be 3 unrelated pokemon, then my bran will become scrambled, so I hope TCPI won't release a set that has 3 theme decks not based off starters or pokemon video game covers, or anything to link it to the version I have or will have, much like great encounters has 3 theme decks, and I pick the one with Palkia on it because I have pearl. But if there was a 2 theme deck set with Reshiram and Zekrom on the cover, and I have Pokemon White, because I always buy the second version, but the one with Reshiram on the cover sits on the right side of the display case, I will buy the one with Reshiram on it, but I doubt the theme decks would be positioned that way, or it would look like Pokemon White and Black.


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