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snoozbuster's modular tradelist


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For Trade:


1x Cresselia/Darkrai Legend Top Half


1x Cresselia/Darkrai Legend Bottom Half


2x Ho-Oh Legend Top Half


1x Ho-Oh Legend Bottom Half


1x Electrode Prime


2x Absol Prime


2x Celebi Prime


Other various cards, primarily from Triumphant but not limited to that set. Ask me and I shall answer. (Also see past Wanted list)


I might trade my Yanmega Prime, but it would be for 10+ packs or a good portion of the stuff on my wanted list (past Judge, that is).




1x Yanmega Prime


2x Donphan Prime


2x Judge


3x Pokemon Collector


Full set Kyogre/Groudon


Full set Suicune/Entei (x2?)


2x Feraligatr Prime


2x Ability Samurott (and evolutions)


3-4x Rare Candy


2x Twins


Slightly less wanted:


Pokemon Catcher


Celebi Grass Energy




Trade bait






I will try to keep this list updated with my better trades, at least until the binder bug is fixed. Feel free to offer me anything for anything, but please be specific, either with pictures of the cards you want/are offering or with sets and numbers (ie "I'll trade you a Lucario from Unleashed (no. 19/95)" is much better than "I'll trade you a Lucario"). Rarer cards such as Primes and Legends are exempt because everyone knows what you're talking about, but anything under Prime rarity should be specific.


Longer list of cards: (all cards are 1x unless otherwise noted)


Holo Rares:



Victreebell (Tangling Tendrils, reverse)


Excadrill (Drill Run)


Aggron (Second Strike)


3x Porygon-Z (Dimension Transfer)


Braviary (EP, reverse)


Drapion (Toxic Fang)


Rapidash (Firey Spirit)


Raichu (Thunderbolt)


Wobbuffet (Double Return)


Altaria (Midnight Eyes)







Kricketune (Entrancing Melody)


Magmortar (Top ******/Burst Punch)


Wailord (Underwater Dive)


Elekid (Sweet Sleeping Face)


Banette (Lost Crush)


Drifblim (Take Away)


Mr. Mime (Trick Reveal)


2x Nidoqueen (Return)


2x Dugtrio (Sand Impact)


Liepard (Claw Rend)


Klingklang (EP)


2x Ambipom (Tail Spank)


Unfezant (Tailwind)


Lucario (Bulk Up)


Bronzong (Legend Ceremony)


Sharpedo (Strip Bare)


Carnivine (Saliva Lure)


Sunflora (Sunshine Grace)


2x Golduck (Natural Remedy)


Cleffa (Eeeeeeek)




Reverse Foils:




Luvdisc (Rendevous Draw)


Tentacool (Gentle Wrap)


Electabuzz (Light Punch)


Gastly (Sneaky Placement)


Haunter (Sneaky Placement)


Carvahna (Focus Energy)


Aron (Mountain Eater)


Porygon (Sharpen)


Bronzor (Iron Defense)


Magnemite (Magnetic Switch)


Grotle (Sleep Powder)


Spoink (Sleep Pearl)


Chikorita (Razor Leaf)


Krickitot (Beat)


Bellsprout (Inviting Vine)


Sentret (Scout)


Pigeot (Headwind)






Ruins of Alph


Indigo Plateau


2x Junk Arm


Crushing Hammer (reverse!)


Copycat (reverse)


Energy Switch


Pokegear 3.0


Pokemon Communication (reverse!)


Pokemon Reversal


2x Seeker


2x Twins


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