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What are some good element combination decks? I have all the basic decks (Fire, Grass, Water, Electric) a Green Tornado, and 6 boosters.


Like, I was trying to combine Grass and Water, but I keep getting killed for some reason.




What should I try and run with? No matter what I'd prefer to go with a Grass something (Or glass by itself if it's even feasible)


I'm sure there are certain cards that are mandatory for each deck, at least to be competitive. What are those? How much energy should I make sure to have? What trainers should I try to add into my deck?


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Well like one thing I'm curious about is what are the advantages of each type. I know metal has more defense, water attacks benched pokemon etc.


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Here's a list of staples that you should always have in any good deck.


Pokemon Collector HS(can substitute with dual ball)


Junk arm TM


Pokemon Communication HS/BW


Your deck should have a lot of ways to refresh your hand like:


professor oak's new theory (shuffle hand into deck and draw 6)HS/CL


professor juniper (discard hand and draw 7)BW


Decks should always have equal evolution lines, like 2-2-2 or 3-3.


If you have a stage 2 main attacker, or a main attacker that depends on a stage 2, use rare candy UL, it lets you put the stage 2 directly onto the basic.


Your deck should have a strategy, like in donchamp where donphan damages the bench then machamp does big damage because of it.


Or reshiboar, reshiram has an attack that discards 2 fire energy and emboar can reattach them.


You can find some good decks on sixprizes, it's a good pokemon website.


I think buying HS packs would be your best bet., because it has a lot of staples in it.


Also get a few TM packs, they have great primes and junk arm.


I hope I helped you a lot, these are just the basics of deckbuilding.


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