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Server Update | May 19, 2016

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On Wednesday, May 19th, 2016 the Game Server was updated with the following fixes:


  • Parallel League sleeves are no longer displaying localized text in collection.
  • Parallel League sleeve art image added.
  • Chikorita Parallel League Bundle no longer displaying localized text in redemption window.
  • The Pokémon Day Charizard sleeves are no longer displaying localized text.
  • Generations Blastoise Deck box and sleeve art added.
  • Blastoise-EX (BSP XY122) missing art added. 
  • Blastoise-EX (BSP XY122) no longer displaying localized text. 
  • Double Crisis pack shop bundle fixed.
  • BREAKpoint Elite Trainer Box code redemption fixed.
  • Fixed crash bug some experienced after login hit 90%.
  • Implemented the June newsletter booster pack code
  • Russian version of the client now loads XY-BREAKthrough images.
  • Fixed the Carbink Energy Keeper Ability so that it no longer prevents the opponent from discarding basic Energy by effects of their own attacks, Abilities or Trainer cards from their own Basic Pokémon.
  • Fixed Bent Spoon so that it only prevent all effects of the opponent's attacks.
  • Fixed Silent Lab so that this card's effect is no longer active when a Basic Pokémon is evolved into a Stage 1 Pokémon that has an Ability.
  • Fixed the Darkrai Mythical Collection redemption code.
  • Removed the Invalid parallel foil version of Head Ringer (XY4 #97) and Jamming Net (XY4 #98) and replaced them with the non-foil version.
  • Fixed the Rallying Cry redemption codes so that they are correctly non-tradable.
  • XY-BREAKpoint boosters no longer displaying localized text in the collection view.
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