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Hey ><








so, I'm not sure if this is the right place to be posting this or not.. if it's not feel free to move it..








But anyways, I was just wondering why the game is always so painfully slow? I updated my adobe flash player so it is the most recent but it only fixed it for about 2 games.


Also, when I try and click a card to play it usually doesn't register and i have to click it about 5 - 10 times before it will.. and then it still takes another 2 minutes to do the action










Second: i'm back to never having anyone ever show up in my lobby even though i have two people beside me that are in their lobbys with loads of people showing up.








Also, I was wondering how do you get certain people to show up for trading? Because I just traded someone, but they couldn't trade back to me, they can't find me on their list and now they are gone from my list and there is other things I need from them they're saving for me








Oh >< and my friend is having a lot of problems with the site, he keeps making decks that are legal and they say they are and then all of a sudden they're not and it's done that with 2 or 3 different decks for him...




And lastly; when you mark what you have up for trade does it reset everynight? CAuse it did to my friend....








Okay, so yeah...




thanks ><


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1.Try resetting your cache and your flashplayer's cache regularly. For me after two or three games I have to turn off my computer. (It's really old.) There are also memeory leaks that they are working on. (Also clicking a bunch of times makes the lag worse, click once and wait a while before you click again.)




2. There are many lobbies now, and also sometimes the people who are already there when you come in don't show up to you at first. If you need to meet up with someone make a new chatroom and tell them to meet you there.




3. I don't know what to tell you about this one.




4. Your friend should probably post about that so we can ask them questions to figure out the exact problem.




5. The binders are broken at the moment, they empty, but this isn't the way it is supposed to be, so have faith that it will be fixed.


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Pyre hit them all right, as for number 3, you may have to look through the full list to find who you are looking for. The list does appear to be in alphabetical order, but it after z, it starts over at a and goes to z a second time. It is a bit confusing, and we are aware of this. But make sure to check both halves of the list for the name you're looking for.


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