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Clarifying Tradeable Rewards vs. Non-Tradeable


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We want to make you aware of a recent clarification that went live today.


The Pokémon TCG Online provides many options for growing your online collection. Some of these options unlock non-tradable items, intended to grow your own collection. Others unlock tradable items, providing an easier means to fill in the holes in your collection.  Our general philosophy is that tradable items should be obtainable by redeeming most code cards or Gems in the Shop, or through activities which require a higher measure of skill, like tournaments. Conversely, an activity whose primary gating factor is time, provides items which are non-tradable. These activities include login bonuses, most Daily and Special Challenges, all single-player game modes, the Versus Rewards, and items obtained by redeeming Trainer Tokens in the Shop. 


During a recent review of the game’s rewards, we discovered a pattern of exploitation with the Bonus Reward panels that were added to the Victor’s Bonus Wheel in the 2.35 game update. To prevent this behavior from spreading, the booster packs in the Mystery Boxes on the Victor’s Bonus Wheel have been set to non-tradable. This change does not affect the Mystery Boxes on the Tournament Bonus Wheel.


Thank you, as always, for being part of the Pokémon TCG Online community. 

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