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Bug while visiting opponent's Graveyard

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Hello, i played a game against a night march player who played "battle compressor".

While he searched for the cards to discard, i looked into his graveyard to see what he get there. After "battle compressor" resolved my game "glitched" and i got this "DONE" Windows apparing 24/7 on my Screen. (i would like to upload a image here ~~)


I still could click on my cards and go on first, even i couldn't close the "DONE" window. I also couldn't look in my or my opponent's graveyard.


After some turn i draw cards and ended in playing "Shaymin-EX". The effect of Shaymin-EX didn't appeared and i couldn't click anything until the "Time Remaining Counter" counts to 0 and my turn ended, which was very annoying and followed in a game loose.


Maybe someone else got this bug also and hopefully it can be fixed soon.


Thanks JeyP

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