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Assessing Public trade offers


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I have 2 questions regarding public trade offers:


- What percentage of those do you think can be considered as reasonable/serious offers?


I would say maybe 5 to 10 % max


- Did you ever consider using the possibility to report a public trade offer for:


  • ​Spamming
  • Deceptive offer
  • Exploiting 
  • Harassment 
  • etc.

And how to differentiate between such types of inappropriate offers.

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Yes, there are players spamming the public trade.

Some players know the value of the cards other have no idéer...


But what can you do? How do you set a price on a card?


Secret Rare Max posion value now: 50-65 RS packs... 60 days ago 100 RS packs.

FA N: 4 month ago 40 RS packs... Then it jump to 100 RS and now it is 40-50 RS packs.

FA Skyla: 2 month ago 40 RS packs... Now 15-20 RS packs

Celabie Prime: 2 month ago 14-15 RS packs, now 40 RS packs... And soon it will be 15 packs again.



There are players that are Exploiting the system and are making trades in public free. But it is not easy to get to them..

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The answer to your 1st question would be, the trades you see which have less than 6-7 hours remaining to expire are 90% trash offers. Most of the good offers are between 7.59 to 6.00 hour mark. I would say you'll probably find
20-30% good offers in those time ranges. Most of the good offers are sniped early by other traders. So all the bad trade offers remain after that. 

Many traders like to exploit other traders lack of price knowledge to get the better trade. The best thing to do would be to follow company prices as a base for determining the best price for each card. Then again, companies do charge us a little more than public trades since they are running a service to provide players cards at our own convenience. So determining the actual public price can sometimes be difficult for newer players

I did report 2-3 players who I thought were making deceptive offers.But I don't think any actions against them have been taken. Maybe they weren't considered deceptive enough for the devs

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