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]Standard] Glaceon EX-Jolteon EX on a budget...? Regice, why not?


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I was thinking about the Jolteon EX-Glaceon EX deck but, I don't own Jolteon because is very expensive and Generation packs hard to get so I thought in Regice.


The good? Is also water so just 1 energy type. Also both Glaceon and Regice work with DCE so they fit quite good.


The bad... Regice blocks "only" EX attacks, not every Basic's pokémon as Jolteon does. But why not?


I built this as 1st version


Pokémon (11)


3 Glaceon EX [FCo]

4 Regice [AOr]

2 Shaymin EX [RoS]

1 Manaphy EX


Trainers (36)


4 Dive ball

1 Energy retrieval

2 Enhanced hammer *

2 Switch

4 Trainers' mail

2 UB

4 Vs Seeker

3 FF Belt


3 Sycamore

3 N

2 Lysandre

1 AZ

1 Skyla

1 Cassius


4 Rough seas (Stadium)


Energy (13)


9 Water energy




Plan is to set up Glaceon if evo lines and Regice if EX in front. Pokémon are very easy to get with Dive balls. 2 UB are more than enough just for Shaymins.


1st game I run out of energies so Energy retrieval has been introduced and also Cassius instead my initial 2 AZ. Energy is quite good amount if you don't discard it "for free" even they use 3 each to attack. Two energies attacks are nice too, specially Glaceon's as back up attacker. Fisherman/Energy recicler/Super rod... are in my head.


I think Energy switch could work but I thought recovering the energy is better.


Enhanced hammers are in because I battled against lot of Dragon types and DCE users. Theoretically could be removed but they worked for me so I'll keep it for now.


Manaphy is in because retreat costs are high but I only own one. It's a weak piece of the deck but I just wanted to try. Better 2 Manaphy? One is enough? Or better no Manaphy but more Switch/Escape rope?


Actually there's a lot of possibilities in the deck and some things could be totally removed or reinforced depending each player.


What I do feel have to be improve:


> "Low" damage. With FFBelt is 80 each hit, a long 3HKO for EX. Extra life with FFB is good but 90 would be a 2 HKO for most pokémon with M Band.


Problems I faced are:


> Miltank [FFire] (Jolteon would have been perfect)

> Having to change between Glaceons and Regice more times than desired (once Manaphy KOed).

> Vileplume item lock (and my 2nd Lysandre was prized) and I'm thinking about Trevenant which is also Item lock+ hitting the bench.


Anyway, a nice deck if you can put in a corner EX or Evos from opponent.


Any though is welcome :)


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So FYI, the way this is played these days is also to use Mew and Dimension Valley. The real build is using Jolteon, Glaceon, Umbreon with Rainbow Energy so that with Mew you can use any of their attacks at any time. It's quite devastating actually.


However, since this is all water, you can just use water energy, but you may still benefit from using Mew and Dimension Valley. 

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