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Not getting notification anymore when a friend chats to you in game

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Is anyone else noticing this?


When a friend on PTCGO messages me and the scrolling chat "window" on the right side is minimized (let's say I'm looking at public offers for example) I do not get a notification with an exclamation mark that there is a new message waiting for me, anymore.


I know, not the biggest bug in the world, lol, but just wondering if others are noticing this as well?




PS, I looked through the known bugs log Mathis and didn't see this one, but I could be completely blind.  If I am, apologies.


EDIT:  Seems to work when people message you, but it does not work when you initiate a conversation with a friend and then when that friend responds to you and you have the chat minimized there is no notification that a new chat message is there for you.  So there is  bug there in that way at least.

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